Scripting in Praat: basic tools and procedures

Date: June 4, 2021

Time: 10:00

Location: PC Zoom Room

Speakers: Christian DiCanio (University of Buffalo)

In this workshop, we will cover basic methods in the use of Praat for automatically extracting information from the acoustic signal and text annotations (textgrids). In the first portion of this workshop (10 – 12) will cover variables, variable types, loop types, defining paths, script design, Praat object types, and how to utilize built-in Praat commands in a script. This will be followed by hands-on practice where students will create some of their own short snippets of code to accomplish a series of simple, assigned tasks. After a lunch break, we will resume the workshop and discuss the design features of a standalone script. We will cover the basics of how to interact with the user via directory paths and a GUI dialog box. This will be followed by a short tutorial where I will guide students through a short, schematic script extracting a simple acoustic measurement (duration) from aligned sound files stored in a directory. Following this, students will get more hands-on experience modifying the schematic script to extract different types of measurements from the acoustic signal.