Our lab offers a wide range of tools for research in speech production, experimental phonetics and laboratory phonology. Let us introduce you to our machines by their names!


Electromagnetic Articulography (EMA)
3D Electromagnetic Articulograph AG501
Carstens Medizininelectronik GmbH

Tick & Tela

Ultrasound system
Micro Research Bundle
Articulate Instruments Ltd 

Ultrasound system
MicrUs Pro
Telemed Medical Systems UAB Telemed

Evo & Devo

Inductive Plethysmographs
Ambulatory Monitoring, Inc.

Setting up Evo & Devo


Electroglottograph (EGG)
Glottal Enterprises

EGG Dos and Dont’s

For the analysis of most of the data acquired by our machines, we use mview, a tool running on MATLAB, designed and developed by Mark Tiede, at Haskins Laboratories.

For modeling and speech synthesis, we use TaDA (Task Dynamic Model of Articulation), designed and developed by a group of researchers at Haskins Labs.

SPArK also has audio and video-recording capabilities possessing several microphones, amplifiers, audio interfaces, video recorders, desktop and laptop computers.


UCSB Linguistics provides students and faculty with a wide set of resources for conducting research. Click here to read more. Two newly acquired tools that are not listed in that list yet are a large soundproof recording booth that is under the direction of Prof. Simon Todd and a set of two eye-trackers featured in PRPL Lab, recently founded by Prof. Laurel Brehm.

Of special interest to SPArK is the Santa Barbara Corpus of Spoken American English, a prosodically segmented corpus of naturally occurring speech.

And, for some exciting news on the Linguistics Lab, see our 2023 Newsletter!


UCSB supplies its members with a rich array of resources and tools for succeeding in their academic and educational goals. The following are especially useful to UCSB SPArK:

Recording @ Kerr Hall

Collaborate Labs & Collaborate Labs Software

Campus Office of Software Licensing

UC Santa Barbara Library