The role of f0 in word identification in Korean


SPArK members: Jiyoung Jang, Argyro Katsika

Collaborators: Constantijn Kaland (PI), Matthew K. Gordon (co-PI)

This is a newly formed collaborative project that assesses the role of F0 in word identification in Korean. F0 plays an important role in Korean: This is an edge-prominence language that uses small phrases, called Accentual Phrases (APs), demarcated by F0 to mark phrasal prominence. In parallel, Korean APs have been found to function as cues to word demarcation. Since Korean also lacks word prosody (i.e., has no lexical stress, lexical pitch accent or lexical tone) that could facilitate word identification, this project aims to separate the two functions of F0, i.e., prominence marking and word demarcation, via a set of perceptual experiments.