Coffee Hour with Khalil Iskarous (USC Linguistics)

Congratulations to our recent UCSP SPArK graduates!

Congratulations to our recent doctors, Jiyoung Jang, Karen Tsai, and Caroline Crouch!!

Jiyoung just completed her thesis on Functions of prosodic boundaries in an edge-prominence language: Marking focus and phrasing in Seoul Korean.

Karen’s thesis assesses Edgy prosody: an articulatory investigation of the role of lexical pitch accent in Tokyo Japanese boundary marking.

Caroline’s thesis is on Postcards from the syllable edge: sonority and articulatory timing in complex onsets in Georgian.

Speech Prosody Prep II

Speech Prosody Prep I

TBD June 7 2024

TBD May 24 2024

TBD May 10 2024

TBD April 26 2024

TBD April 12 2024

TBD March 15 2024